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Prayer is an obligatory act declared from Allah (SWT). We apply all five daily prayers here at this insitute as we invite everyone to participate or involve themselves in the prayers.


Here at Dar El Salam we offer classes that are not exculsive to anyone. All walks of life are invited and welcomed into our doors to expand your knowledge about the religion of peace.


Principles are a must in everyones life and we make sure to exercise ours. Our environment here at Dar El Salam is islamic orientated and expressed with patience and poise. 

Youth Center

What better place can you involve your kids with other than a youth center at the masjid. We have a wide variety of sports/ wellbeing activities alongside a great supportive staff.

Learn your Deen

Perks of an amazing staff comes with great teachers; we not only prepare our bright students with an abundance of knowledge about the religion of peace but we prepare them for the real world that will ultimately achieve success for our youth.

Elevate your Knowledge

Being surrounded with a great environment in Dar El Salam raises the standard for the people of our community. We love to see our people succeed and what better way to do that other than elevating your knowledge about the world around you. Involve yourself with the people of our community and you will see great results in your lifestyle.

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