What is Sadaqah? Sadaqah is the act of charity given purely out of compassion, love, friendship, religious duty or generosity. It’s the smile you give to your neighbour, the potential harm you remove from someone’s pathway, the food you feed to the needy or the well you dig to quench someone’s thirst. Who can give Sadaqah? Anyone can give Sadaqah at any time and for any amount. How much Sadaqah do I have to give? Unlike Zakat, Sadaqah has no set amount. You can give anything that you are financially capable of. The decision about how much to give is left to the individual. Abu Bakr (ra) used to give everything he had, leaving Allah (swt) and His Messenger (saw) to provide for his family, whereas Umar Al Khattab (ra) gave half of what he had.
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